Praises and Prayer Requests

~Praise the Lord

         with us for:

·        The opportunity to plan trips into the DRC and invite others to join us!

·        For friends in the DRC that are willing and able to help get ready for our trips from that end

·        Hunger for God’s Word and Biblical recourses in the DRC

·        Our family’s health and schooling going well

·        Faithful Prayer and financial supporters that have continued to support this ministry


  ~Prayer Requests:

·        IBBC students as they prepare and travel to Dibaya for the class on Church Administration

·        For Sparky, Myndii, and Mike Webster as we pack and prepare for the upcoming work in the DRC

·        For our children and those caring for them as we are going to Congo without them this time

·        For co-laborers to work with Papy in the IBBC ministries

·        Wisdom and the financial support to continue this ministry in the interior of the DRC

·        Martha’s health concerns

·        Peace and calm in the DRC as political and health issues continue to be a concern for the country

·        For the ministries in Dibaya-Lubwe – “Beaux Pieds” Baptist Church, the Bible Institute (IBBC), 
                           and a possible future church on the other side of town