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Waiting for a Land Cruiser to get repaired so we can get by

Stuck in Quicksand 
Thankful for a 6-wheel-drive cargo truck 
that came along and was able to pull us out!

Witnessing at the airport while waiting for our driver who was stuck in traffic

Family photo, summer 2019

Église Baptiste de Beaux Pieds
Church in Dibaya-Lubwe

IBBC Graduating Class of 2019

Luke and Emily--short-term missionaries
"In Congo" (pun intended!)

Our kids...standing out in the crowd...

Our "class pet": West African Land Snail

Move-in Day!  July 19th, 2013
Picture with all the men that helped us build (and their wives)

Sneak-peak of one of our "furlough outfits"
(The only one we have had made so far)

The metal "thing" Sparky is hiding behind (pouring the cement base) is our palm oil press.  We are hoping that it will provide some income for the Bible Institute...with the goal of it becoming self-supporting

Our ceiling in our porch at the new house :)  Started by Myndii and her Dad, completed on 6/28/2013

Our "puppy" Nala (now a year old). 
She has proven to be very good with our kids, and is a great guard dog.

Putting up the trusses day...

We put them in up-side-down

 Then using man-power and boards, they are turned over and pushed into place

The ones on the ends were quite a challenge

If you scroll down to the picture of the "mission house" you will see what the roof will look like when the metal roofing is in place.  "Hips" instead of gable ends are used often here to help keep rain off the walls and windows on all sides and to have a gutter system for collecting the rain water. 
Next step: get the roofing off the ground and onto the house!  :o)

Our view from inside the future living/dining room

Yes, the thermometer is correct, it was 75 degrees inside... and YES, Myndii was cold enough to be wearing her jacket.  Notice the humidity was 75% inside, outside was 73 degrees with 95% humidity; typical for around dinner time during the rainy season.

Thanksgiving weekend in Congo

The "mission house" in Dibaya:
what a beautiful view of the Big Kasai River!

After taking out the windows and doors,
bricks were added to make them level.
They also added bricks to the tops of the walls to make the roof level.

When the men arrived, they found that the "missionary house"
was not built on level ground...
In this photo, the roof has been propped up to level (well, closer to level!),
so you can see how far off the rest of the house was.

Titus and his broken arm

The "Congo Pick-up" just before it was loaded into the container...

The Container just before the pick-up was loaded

Our family of 6 (including our newest "adopted" member, Guillaume...visiting from Québec).
We look a little dusty since we were in the middle of a dirt-bike ride :-)

Myndii's side of the family (4 generations) gathered for family pictures in July, 2011

Hundreds of people helped with the airstrip project.
Here they are hauling in clay from the inside of termite mounds, and spreading it out. 
When this clay hardens, it is like concrete.

Touch down!
The bottom of the picture shows the Bible Institute property.
You can see the "borders" of the property on the bottom and right sides, as well as the buildings that have been completed so far (the white spots are the metal roofs).

The 2 new duplex dorms!
Each dorm building cost approximately $4500 (for materials). 
Please pray for the Lord's provision for more dorms to be built!  We will need at least 3 more to house the first year of students.

Inside of one of the new dorms.  People were able to stay in them during the annual conference... 
What a blessing!!! 
(The white "cloth" in the back is a mosquito net...and bricks for more buildings in the corner.)

The "Congo Flags" are placed where we have supporting churches and/or individuals (as of January 2011)

In front of our apartment (the second floor of the church) in Québec.
Merry Christmas from Québec, en route to CONGO!

Our tour of the Citadelle

On our way back to the Surburban

Still walking back to the Suburban...with Chateau de Frontenac accross the street

One afternoon we looked out our front window and saw this...  We asked Titus if he would like to climb the ladder and he said, "NO! Look: metal ladder, touching the power lines and the ground...I would get electrified!"  (His exact words!)  So the 7-year-old can figure it out...?!?

What Ruth does every time you say, "Good job!"

Ready for Church

Aquarium in Québec City:
Hello Mr. Walrus!

It was a nice day for the Aquarium, espcially after many rainy days in a row.

Ruth's 4th Birthday Party

Catherine Webster With Ruth and Martha...making pirate outfits...

Titus and Martha, "Aarrrgggg"

The view of Québec City.  (Taken just down the road from our appartment.)